Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lately...please excuse my absence!, 5.7.15

Yeah, I've been gone for a while. Still living in Wentzville and still working in Washington, but absent from this space. A lot has been going on around here. Between pre-wedding events, pre-wedding shopping, art show, the end of the school year and just regular life "stuff", there hasn't been much time to blog or make things. I'm really looking forward to summer break so I can focus on those things. But, in the meantime, here's what's been going on lately:

Making: oh, my...nothing! And my hands are itching to make something- anything!

Drinking: Green tea, red wine, the occasional cup of coffee and more water than I ever really want to drink.

Eating:  A low sugar, elimination diet. SO MUCH FUN! (Not!) All healthy, whole food- no sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no preservatives- per doctor's orders, as she is still trying to figure out my digestive problem and lower my blood sugar (yep, got that from my mom and my uncle- thanks, guys!) Anywho, I'm getting more used to it, but it's very time consuming because I have to prepare almost everything I eat. Eating out and/or ordering in is really difficult.

Watching: We caved and had cable re-installed, so we've been enjoying Bill Maher and Anthony Bourdain again. (And the occasional Hallmark movie or episode of the Waltons :)  Shhhh...don't tell M.!)

Reading: More blogs! Shocker, I know.

Listening to: Some new songs recommended by Little Man -  Sam Smith, Ernie Halter and Ben Rector. And, I recently came across Jason Mraz's 93 Million Miles and it's my new fave. 

 I was considering this as Eddie's and my Mother/Son dance song, but in the end, I couldn't give up on Simple Man :)

Thinking about: Always my kids, but especially lately, as I've been watching our old home videos. Man, I miss them. I get choked up just typing that :(

Laughing at: The old home videos!These are three of the most animated, happy kids. They were/are so much fun.

Disliking: I honestly can't think of one thing that I'm disliking right now. Well, maybe disrespectful students. Yeah, I'll go with that.

Loving: Hearing M. say "You'll always be my girl." Wow. Even a 49 year old "girl" loves hearing that :)

Have a great week!  Juli

Friday, April 17, 2015

Procrastination (and a Giveaway!), 4.6.15

Procrastinating. I'm really good at that, in case you're wondering. Yes, I've been doing it all of my life. It's really how I roll, for the most part.  I think about something for a looonngg time before I act on it. For example, before I went back to school, I thought about it for about two years. Then I attended for a year. Then I quit for 7 years. Then I went back for a year.  Then I quit for 6 months.Then I went back and actually finished my degree. Then, out of school for a year, I decided to go back to school for a teaching certificate and another degree. (Needless to say, I'm pretty much FINISHED with the school gig!) But, even though it took a while, after all that, I pretty much have my dream job. And, since taking all of those art classes to get that dream job, I now have another dream job. Making things. Painting things, sewing things, crafting things etc. I procrastinated about getting serious about that, too, until I finally got up enough nerve to open my Olive and Ash shop in January of 2012. Since the very beginning, though, I've envisioned it being not only a place where people can shop, but also a place where people can learn- by offering workshops, classes, lessons, tutorials, etc. But, again, I've procrastinated on that second part. (Remember? That's how I roll! Story of my life- ask my parents and my kids!) But, now I feel like the time has come to get on with it. I know it's the next step if  I want Olive and Ash to end up being everything I have envisioned since the beginning. Hopefully it will continue to grow enough over the years to be my retirement "career" when the time comes. (Ten years and 9 months, but who's counting?!)

So, I really need some help from you. Basically, I'm wanting to know what kind of  tutorials, classes, workshops, etc. people might be interested in. A few of my thoughts:

*semi-private (2-3 kids ) painting or craft lessons in my home
* paint and wine nights (super trendy right now and I have the perfect place!)
*workshops for adults or kids in my home (small groups) or an alternate location (for larger groups- location yet to be determined).

(And, I  have names picked out for whatever the venue ends up being- Olive and Ash Studio-GO! and Olive and Ash- OPEN STUDIO.)  :-)

I know there are many more ideas that I haven't thought of , so I'm hoping that you'll  leave a comment with your ideas here on the blog or on the Olive and Ash Facebook page. And, if you could spread the word by sharing the Facebook post with the link to this blog post, it would be nice to get as much feedback as possible.

And, the best part... for your time and trouble... a giveaway! For each comment or "Share" your name will be entered into a drawing for my Left-Handed Apples painting. (Please be sure to let me know that you shared!)

Thank you so much!   Juli

Friday, April 10, 2015

Lately, 4.10.15


Making: custom onesies and Easter baskets, no time to paint lately :(
Drinking: organic, unsweetened cranberry juice (don't worry, I add Truvia, otherwise it's too sour to drink!)
Watching: a really disturbing documentary about Rich Hill, Mo, called Rich Hill. I couldn't even watch the whole thing. Sad, but eye opening. And I'm in the middle of a Friends marathon on Netflix (to counteract  the effects of the depressing documentary).
Reading: just blogs lately, here are some of my recent favorites: Sedwick Studio, Unspeakable Visions and 3191 Miles Apart
Listening to: Sam Smith's Lay Me Down
Thinking about: the future of Olive and Ash Studio ( a blog post about this is in the works-stay tuned!)
Laughing at: Peanut thinking that PawPaw M. said "pickles" when he really said "ankles".So cute. And his pickles are on his back, you know :)
Disliking: Feeling like crap after having to purposely eat gluten and dairy last weekend for some tests I had run. Oh, my! Nothing like having a stomach ache for four days straight.
Loving: the thought of those above mentioned tests revealing some answers- finally.

Have a great weekend :)   Juli

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Crumpled Paper Sack

 (8 x 10), click here to purchase, $125.00

Painted as part of a Daily Paintworks challenge- Paper sack challenge.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Primary Figure

Primary Figure, abstract figure painted in primary colors, $150.00, 12 in. x 16 in. stretched canvas

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Left-Handed Apples

Left-Handed Apples
original oil painting, 8" x 10", $100.00, click here to purchase

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lately, 3.15.15

Lately, around here...there hasn't been much blogging time, for sure.  (I actually started this post on Monday and just now had time to finish it!) Busy times around here. So this  is just a little "Lately" update, inspired by this blog. So, here goes:

Adventuring- Hmmm... if I had my own "lately" list, it probably wouldn't include "adventuring" because I very rarely "adventure". I know I should, but many things prevent it from happening- mainly my desire to stay close to home and my kiddos. A student told me recently that  I seemed like the type who would be a world traveler. I had to laugh and told her that I've never even been out of the United States! But...some day I will :)

Drinking- some not so great wine. M. likes to find good wine at a good price and he usually has great luck. But, lately, the price has been reflective of the wine. So, he dipped into his basement wine stash and picked out  a good one last night. Yum!

Watching- Orange is the New Black. It's just okay. Wouldn't really recommend it, though. But we did come across another really good show on Netflix, A Young Doctor's Notebook. It's very quirky and not like anything I've ever seen- funny, gory, dark. I actually would recommend this one, even though I know it probably isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Reading- Only a few pages so far, but it's a book recommended by the author of 10% Happier. It's called Falling to Pieces Without Falling Apart. Again, probably not everyone's cup of tea, but I like the subject matter.

Listening to- Ed Sheeran. Love the song "Thinking Out Loud". It's my current fave :)

Thinking about- How hard it is to be a mom once your kids grow up and move out/away. It was serendipity, I think, that I just came across this article via An Inch of Grey. It's SO good. I highly recommend clicking on that link and reading it. It's well worth your time. It talks about "holding spaces" in many different roles throughout our lives. And that's exactly what my role of "Mom" is now. Instead of doing everything for them, I'm now "holding space" for them. It's a CRAZY hard transition.

Laughing at- The thought of Eddie and me dancing at his wedding. Oh, my! I'm not a dancer. And he backed out of the lesson thing. Dang it! So, although they don't know it yet, I'm going to have my mom and dad give us lessons at the next family dinner night. Don't you wish you were a fly on the wall for that scene?! It should be interesting.

Disliking- My sweet, loving (NOT!) little Olive biting my finger the other night when I tried to pick her up to give her a bath. It must have been pretty deep because it hurt like hell and was already infected by the time I went to the doctor the next day. She was definitely in the dog house that night.

Loving- Finally being able to give my soon-to-be-daughter-in-law a gift that I've been thinking about for 14 years. In 2001, Ruben J and I took the kids to Nashville. While I was out with the kids, their dad found this amethyst stone (Eddie's birthstone) in the cracks of the sidewalk on a street in downtown Nashville.  As soon as he showed it to me, I knew I would save it for Eddie's future wife. I think she liked it :)

Well, I'm off to get in some much-needed, long overdue painting time. Have a great rest-of-the-weekend and week!    Juli